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Hello!!! and Welcome to my wonderful-magical blog!!!*clap*
For now my name shall be Momo, and no that is not my real name (dont ask why Momo, because i just felt like it)
Im sorry but I am a total nerd and geek and dork (yes it is posible to be all 3)
this site is for all, I do NOT make people get off my site, everyone will be treated with respect (I sound like my teacher...ewww)
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"Why would you name your blog something so stupid as Jasmine Dragon" you may ask

WELL ITS NOT STUPID!!!!!!!!! (if you say that then you are stupid)

i named it that because of a TV show i watch (no im not a TV freak, i dont watch TV i go on the computer to watch the 2 or so shows i watch)
but this show is called Avatar (great show!)
in one of the last episodes my faveorite person gets his own tea shop and hes so proud of it and happy
he names the tea shop Jasmine Dragon
so i thought that was pretty cool so named my blog that

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Monday, March 2, 2009


UHG!!!!! I'm so tired
why do they give us homework, there's no use for it!
we come home to relax and to get away from the stressful days at school. Home is were i should find comfort and an escape from tasks.
teachers say its to help us for a job, but most grownups with jobs come off work with no work at home waiting for them, no they have a bed with no books on it (except for maybe a reading book that you WANT to read) and yes i know "but we have to get up early for work and you don't"
I laugh at people who say that, NEWS i get up at 5:45am and school starts at 8:05am, so ha.

so me and my friend D (not giving out real name) have a new stalker on our hands.
yes this i normal for us (stalkers never do anything to us, they just bug the crap out of us)
but this was my stalker originally
about a month and a half ago some guy went up to my bro (older bro, i only have one) and asked permission to date me
but so far I have not heard from him, and i have no clue who he is and my bro wont tell me who it is (hahaha, my bro doesn't even know his name)
to the present
so apparently over the weekend my friends had a sleepover (without me) and they were on a live webcam
D told me to go to the site and chat with them threw IM wile they just talked with me over the webcam
well things got weird and pervs from all over the world saw 5 pretty girls on webcam in pj's and thought they might actually see something
so i got off

SO!!!! (finally getting to my point!) (I'm guessing that i lost some of my readers at this point)
i came to school and D runs up to me hysterical and scared (and that is really RARE)
D: OMG SAM!!!! this dude got on as Sully like right after you got off. we started talking to him, and he said that he new us, he said hi D and all our names, by this time i was freaking out. but then he said something so creepy that i was going crazy
Me: please get to the point and try to calm down please
D: he said "so how do i ask out twin"

at this point i was getting freaked out
me and D call each other twin because we our like well twins
only a handful of people have ever known this (well everyone could know this if they actually heard us talk to each other, because we are constantly calling out "TWIN" in the hallways)

D: ya and he said that he would see us at school

so for the whole day me and the girls were watching our backs for the stalker

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  1. So, Momo, is this how the Captain has to find out all the interesting stuff going on in your life these days? I am a little concerned about these tactics. If something comes up, I expect you to head on downstairs to my "office" and with an Official Reporting Statement fill me in on the up-dates. Are we clear on this new Rule of Engagement?!?! ... That's RIGHT... I said stand at ATTENTION!! the Captain