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For now my name shall be Momo, and no that is not my real name (dont ask why Momo, because i just felt like it)
Im sorry but I am a total nerd and geek and dork (yes it is posible to be all 3)
this site is for all, I do NOT make people get off my site, everyone will be treated with respect (I sound like my teacher...ewww)
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"Why would you name your blog something so stupid as Jasmine Dragon" you may ask

WELL ITS NOT STUPID!!!!!!!!! (if you say that then you are stupid)

i named it that because of a TV show i watch (no im not a TV freak, i dont watch TV i go on the computer to watch the 2 or so shows i watch)
but this show is called Avatar (great show!)
in one of the last episodes my faveorite person gets his own tea shop and hes so proud of it and happy
he names the tea shop Jasmine Dragon
so i thought that was pretty cool so named my blog that

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Jake says "that Momo's blog is the coolest in the world!!!!!"

So back to my subject!
Mafu is probably something that mom should be talking about. BUT, I love this story so much that I cant help myself.
why am I writing about this right now, you may ask? because for some reason we were talking (me and my friends) and the subject of spirits came up so the name mafu popped into my head.
this happened before i was born, but my mom tells me the story

One day my mom was watching Oprah and this lady was on there, she said she could channel the spirits.
she said it started with this one spirit named Mafu! and he told her to go to the room of the living. (the living room)

so this show is just filled with bizarre stuff that involved this lady trying to channel for Mafu
anyways later that night my mom told dad about it and he just told her to go away (not really but basically to just stop talking about it)
well they went to bed and all of a sudden my mom hears this noise that's coming from the room of the living and she's panicking that it's Mafu
so she tries to wake up my dad but fails because his deaf ear is up and he can't hear anything so he just shrugs her off and goes back to sleep
so 45min later my dad turns over and jumps up in bed and says "whats that!?!?!" my mom has the covers up to her face in panic "i tried to wake you but you wouldn't get up! I think Mafu is trying to talk to me"
so of course my dads weapon of choice would be a tennis racket (well its better than nothing)
they crept to the room of the living finding that the noise was the timer on the stove xD

and that was my amazing story of mom!!!!

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