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Hello!!! and Welcome to my wonderful-magical blog!!!*clap*
For now my name shall be Momo, and no that is not my real name (dont ask why Momo, because i just felt like it)
Im sorry but I am a total nerd and geek and dork (yes it is posible to be all 3)
this site is for all, I do NOT make people get off my site, everyone will be treated with respect (I sound like my teacher...ewww)
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"Why would you name your blog something so stupid as Jasmine Dragon" you may ask

WELL ITS NOT STUPID!!!!!!!!! (if you say that then you are stupid)

i named it that because of a TV show i watch (no im not a TV freak, i dont watch TV i go on the computer to watch the 2 or so shows i watch)
but this show is called Avatar (great show!)
in one of the last episodes my faveorite person gets his own tea shop and hes so proud of it and happy
he names the tea shop Jasmine Dragon
so i thought that was pretty cool so named my blog that

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Friday, March 13, 2009


I'm sorry that I've been away for a week
it was Tera nova testing week
for those who have no clue what I'm saying is basically a week dedicated to this big test on all subjects, there is no point to it its just to test how well teachers are doing there job (teaching)

i have one story to tell from this week (well just over the Tera nova part)
during the test one day, i didn't eat like anything that morning for some strange reason (as in i don't know why) so during testing i was hungry.
right in the middle of testing my stomach growls this long and loud growl, and i was trying my hardest not to laugh and my efforts payed off. but when i looked around you could see smiles on peoples faces.

so besides Tera nova i have one story that i can remember at the moment (i may remember more later)
so like i said before i go to a place after school called the teen center
so one day the 2 people that were working there that day were my faves
I'm not giving out names so i will call them Sean (he hate being called that) and Jinny (i don't know why that name it just popped up in my head)

so on that day Jinny love to watch her shows on the big screen TV at the center
so like right when she turned it on Sean snuck up from behind and like did a sort of tackle/grab
so they fell to the ground and hes got her in a lock will tickling her (note Sean is gay so this is not a sexual thing) Jinny has a laugh like no other its sort of like a scream when shes laughing at something really funny or shes being attacked like so. but i love how she laugh to because it brings out a fun side to her, don't get me wrong shes really fun but this side is like a 5 year old fun.

so that was the storeys that i could remember at the moment
my memory is funny, ill remember something and the next second its gone but in a few days it will pop up again.

so until then i will be in touch more sense testing is over (but not for good sadly)


  1. You make me smile :-) Oh, and thanks for the movie semi-marathon! You rock my world!!!!!!!!
    The Captain

  2. :D I see whut happened thar and HI Mrs.Bush!!!! :D Well talk to you more on Monday! Many <3333's and RAWR's your way Momo!
    *Kandi Raver Hug*

  3. Awww. Sorry you're having a bad day. (I read your last post)

    But it sounds like you had a good spring break. This is Aaron, by the way. And I finally got my email to work, again!!!